System and Specification

Terminix is involved in and adheres to various leading international standards. We strictly adhere to or even lead the way in local regulations and standards in China. We operate our services in compliance with local auditing standards to ensure that we provide you with safe and healthy services, striving to exert minimal impact on the environment.

As the leading company in international pest control industry, we are member of National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Terminix complies with local regulations completely and even ahead of them, involves in setting the standard, which embodies that we strive to exert minimal impact on environment, meanwhile, we keep promise of offering sustainable service.

Food Plant NPMA - Pest Management in Food Plants

Quick Service NPMA -Pest Management Guidelines for Retail Food Handling Facilities and Restaurants

Schools NPMA -QualityProSchools

U.S. Industry Standards

NPMA GreenProCertified

NPMA QualityProCertified

NPMA QualityProFood Safety Certified

NPMA Food Plant Standards Certification


GB_T 27770-2011 Rodent Control Standard

GB_T 27771-2011 Mosquito Control Standard

GB_T 27772-2011 Fly Control Standard

GB_T 27773-2011 Cockroach Control Standard

GB_T 27775-2011 Integrated Vector Management_Town

GBT 23795-2009 Methods for Vector Density

GBT 23796-2009 Methods for Vector Density _ Mosquito

GBT 23797-2009 Methods for Vector Density _ Rodent

GBT 23798-2009 Methods for Vector Density _ Cockroach

Specification and

Terminix has a century of expertise and has always been committed to improving the capabilities of its partners and nurturing comprehensive talent.


Terminix has a century of expertise and has always been committed to improving the capabilities of its partners and nurturing comprehensive talent. Terminix has built a set of professional training and certification systems, qualification systems and advanced E-Learning online platform. We cooperate with local top pest control partners in multi perspectives and methods, eempowering our local business partners to further increase the service level and improve customer experience in the local pest control marketplace and contribute to the Healthy China initiative.

A complete framework and requirements for field service process specifications have been developed to ensure all operation comply with Terminix Standards.

A complete framework and requirements for technical capabilities in pest control have been developed, and train its employees to ensure that technical capabilities of each service people comply with Terminix requirements.

Our certified technicians fully understand various domestic regulations and standards, and follow the systematic survey process at the initial stage of the project to provide customers with a complete survey, identify problems quickly , identify pest risk points precisely. Based on the survey results, we offer tailor-made solution for customers to build a 360-degree, safe and effective pest defense line from the outside to the inside.

Terminix Integrated Pest Management

Terminix IPM(Integrated Pest Management)help our clients:

Early prevention, understanding the possible causes of pests, reducing risk and actively preventing potential infestations and spreads.

Our IPM program consists of:

Inspections of facility interior and exterior

Identification of pests and analysis of activity

Treatment of affected areas and implementation of methods for controlling pests

Recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity.

Continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness and any necessary modifications

Education, upon request, of the facility's staff, addressing actions and conditions that affect

pest activity