Terminix, keep your mind in peace always! We are your faithful and reliable steward!

As a leading provider of termite and pest control services in the United States, Terminix has been focusing on pest control as always over the past nearly 100 years and has been regarded as industry benchmark.

Terminix enters China in 2020, putting all heart into building up consortium of integrated service companies.  We are hand-in-hand with local top service companies as our strategic partners to develop and deep-rooted in China market. Leveraged by the combination of 90+ years expertise, global premium resource, advanced service system with powerful service network backed by our strategic partners and seamless customer relationship, Terminix will bring more choices, better solutions, wider service network and better customer experience to Chinese customers.

Terminix China offers complete pest control and environment hygiene services in a variety of market sectors, including chain restaurant, food manufacturing, hotel, retail, government, health care, commercial property, and etc.

We cover everything from technical inspections and routine preventative visits, to pest proofing, clearance works, the removal of pest contaminated waste, and professional disinfecting services. According to the specific need of customers from various industries, we offer customized  high value-added services in assisting supply chain management, people training, pest risk advisory, reporting, and passing the internal or external auditing.

As the leading company in international pest control industry, Terminix complies with local regulations completely and even ahead of them, involves in setting the standard. We strive to exert minimal impact on environment in day-to-day operation and offer sustainable service in the mindset of environmental-friendly and co-existing development.

Business First!Helping your businesses succeed is why we exist. It is our mission to protect each customer of us from business risk, people illness, property loss brought by pest. Business First drives us to protect our customer’s brand and reputation