Terminix's full range of professional services meet the needs of customers in different industries and sizes. Our certified technicians fully understand various domestic regulations and standards, and follow the systematic survey process at the initial stage of the project to provide customers with a complete survey, identify problems quickly, identify pest risk points precisely. Based on the survey results, we offer tailor-made solution for customers to build a 360-degree, safe and effective pest defense line from the outside to the inside.

Pest Control

Pest Treatment

fumigation treatment

Real-time monitoring

Statistical tracking

Precautionary measures/risk assessment/expert advisory/professional training

Creating sanitary city (incl. sanitary city creating and review,healthy China construction)

Emergency Management

Forecasting beforehand

Organizing professional team

Equipping with emergency pest control equipment and pesticide

Emergency Pest Control

Emergency Disinfecting

Environment and Air Management

Odor treatment

Formaldehyde treatment

Integrated environmental control risk assessment, 3rd-party assessment reporting

Professional advisory (advisory for all types of environmental physical installations)


Air disinfection

Surface disinfection

Fumigation disinfecting

Health Education

Public Training 

Regulation and Policy Advocacy

Emergency Training