Residential Pest Control

All-weather relentless protection bringing you back to peace of home.

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, termites, spiders, bedbugs and other visible or invisible pests nuisance, eat and pollute our houses and residences all year round, making people unbearable and miserable. These adverse effects include concerns about food safety at home, the health of the family member, and even the spread of disease and infection, what’s worse, the loss of property and psychological damage.

Terminix has nearly 100-year history. Starting from serving residential homes, Terminix is the first company in the United States to obtain a termite control patent. Terminix has trained technicians who are familiar with all types of house structures and surroundings to provide you with an efficient and targeted pest control service.


We have the most advanced and effective termite control products and technologies. We also offer the most powerful guarantees in our business. Our approach includes proactive techniques and monitoring to prevent pest control problem. A one-stop, all-inclusive, customized solution to protect you from the threat of all types of pests all year round. We offer thoughtful service with flexible time arrangement and 7/24 available. We provide safe, efficient and fast professional operation and treatment without disrupting your normal life.


We have 90 years of experience protecting your home. For pest control with national strength, local presence and a guarantee that means business, choose Terminix.